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Mtnpride Minnie’s Amazin’Grace

WHAT A CONTRAST!  MAZEY FINISHED HER MASTER HUNTER November 20, 2010, One Week After Winning First Place in The Pampered Pet Costume Contest At The Death Valley Encampment. We Bribed Her Into Dressing As A “Sunflower” With Her Daughter Moxzie By Telling Her That She Would Get To Run In Hunt Tests The Following Week!

Brahmwell And Sister Mazey

Mazey Passed Her Looks On To Many Of Her Puppies; Roffe, Moxzie, Whimzi And Mama Mazey

“WOW! Is That FISH I See?”

“Maybe If I Stir Up The Water I Can Catch Them?”

Zooming By (Herding) Lots Of Goldfish In My Brother’s Pond

“They Are RIGHT There!”

Kezza Gets In On The Fun

“I Could Do This All Day Long”

Mazey “Crayfishing” On Her 11th Birthday

My Favorite Picture Of Mazey Doodles

Beautiful Mazey Doodles Celebrated Her 12th Birthday At Death Valley

  Mazey, born february 16th, 2001, was the “pick-of-the-litter”. She was out of Minnie and Travis. She was the biggest at birth (18 oz!) and a little different from her two sisters in that she had lots of bone and had a very attractive head. And she was the best on birds at 7 weeks! She earned her Junior Hunter at 6 months with several perfect 10s and went on to earn her Master Hunter. She finished in the show ring on September 27th, 2003 at Bonanza Kennel Club in Carson City, Nevada.  She earned her CGC and her CD when she was a year and a half.  Later she earned her International Championship and her Rally Advanced Excellent. Her CH, CD and MH earned her her VC from the Vizsla Club Of America. Whimzi’s AKC championship (at the same show that Mazey had finished her CH several years before) gave Mazey her Registry Of Merit from the Vizsla Club Of America.

  When Mazey, who was affectionately called, “Mazey Doodles”, was being shown, several judges called her a“Brood Bitch” which meant that she was built to have puppies. Her first litter of 5 was with Banner. She had two litters with Figaro and one with Kobi who was out of Akela. I had always wanted to bring Akela into Mazey’s line and I was able to do that again when she was bred to T-Bone who was out of Akela. I kept Moxzie, the only female in the Snow White and Seven Dwarfs litter... Her last litter was with Budha. Mazey was in heat at the same time that I had taken Stella to be bred to Budha. Judy and I had always wanted to breed Mazey and Budha, so we checked with her vet who said that if she was “young”, there was no reason not to breed them (she ran with her puppy, Moxzie!). Mazey’s doctor said that she was healthy. They were bred once with, “This is their last chance” and “If it is meant to be”.....She had 8 puppies!

  Mazey was a very alert vizsla who liked people as well as dogs. She was always fun to train and work with. I loved her very much.

                                    Am/Int'l CH Mtnpride Minnie's Amazin'Grace MH CD VC RAE CGC 


                                                        February 16, 2001- June 15, 2013

                     In His hands is the life of every creature and the breath of all mankind Job 12:10

On June 15th, 2013, while at a dog show in Antioch, sweet Mazey Doodles got up in the morning, got a toy, wagged her tail, went pee, collapsed & stopped breathing. We think she had a clot since it was so quick. She had some pain from a back and head injury she got from falling on the metal steps on our camper when she was 1 1/2 years old. She would have adjustments and acupuncture and would be good to go! I thought that that was all she needed this time also. She was lively and seemed happy to do everything as usual up to the end: she was not sick. Her spinal injuries may have finally been too much for her. She does not hurt anymore. She is buried in the backyard next to her mother, Minnie. She was a very special girl and will always hold a very special place in my heart.

Bob and I and her dog family miss her very much.

Training At Hastings Island

Mazey (middle), With Her Daughters Whimzi & Moxzie

Master Hunter Mazey!

Mazey, Kezza & Moxzie

On Box Canyon Hike With Naomi Stella, Kezza & Mazey

On The Rock On Our Walk On Vizsla Ridge, Whimzi, Moxzie, Mazey, Kurtzi & Kezza

Naomi Liked To Dress the Girls Up-Mazey, Kezza & Stella

Mazey & Kezza On A Photo Shoot

A Hike In The Snow At Castle Lake

Kezza, Moxzie & Mazey

Mama Mazey With Moxzie

Mazey Loved to Fish

Mazey, Stella, Kezza & Szari

Mazey Got Her All Star Review Ribbon At The VCA Nationals Because She Had Earned Her CH and MH! She Was Not There To Get It, But Her Son, Sandor Also Earned His

Sunflowers Mazey & Moxzie